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Hi! I am Susi Sanrivero,

I was born and raised in Mexico where my passion for photography was also born and within that passion, an infinite interest for different cultures of the world and their expression such as

nature, gastronomy, architecture and cinema.

 Since little I was formed as a free-spirited and a traveler.

So, I moved to this beautiful region called Basque Country on the French side following love and I was rewarded with a life surrounded by the sea, the mountains, forests and with

my amazing husband  and my greatest love, my son.

I am grateful to live a mindful life and to practice photography focusing on people, also I am grateful of my past experiences which opened the possibility of start the path of selfknowledge which I believe is the best way to an honest self-expression, to be creative and to produce art.

My photography reflects my inner self, natural, authentic and romantic,

and I hope you like to see your memories tinted with that reflection.

Contact me [here] tell me what important moments are coming up and how you want me to capture them.

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